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Free Creative Writing Course
Starting Soon!

Following on the success of our first Free Creative Writing Course in 2022, we are thrilled to announce we will be launching a new version for 2023! 

This year's course will have a different structure and new content, so whether you're an existing Crew Member who participated last year, or you're just thinking about coming aboard now, this course will work for you.

  • free course materials sent straight to your inbox

  • activities designed to be done with what you already have at home

  • perfect for unprofessional adults who still like to play

Full details on course dates and the course outline will be released soon!

If you want to get informed and get involved, become a Registered Crew Member today. 

"Participating in the Pirate Press creative community has got me writing again. Following the writing course has been really interesting, and got me thinking about creativity in new ways, with lots of fun exercises.
Couldn't recommend enough!"
- Jenni 

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Crew Member Registration

Become a Registered Crew Member to join our growing online community and to participate in the Monday Stories Project, the Free Creative Writing Course, as well as to get exclusive access to digital content, open call opportunities, and discounted prices on the books and products in our online shop. 

It is free to register and to participate in all the projects. You'll only ever be asked for payment if you choose to purchase something from the bookshop. You can also access and edit your account settings in the Crew Members Area or simply unsubscribe at anytime. And we promise we won't use your personal information for anything else and or give it to anyone else. You can read more in our Privacy Policy and our full Terms of Use, or contact us ( if you have any questions before coming aboard. 

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