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Monday Story
Submission Guidelines

Who can submit work to be published in the Monday Stories Project?
Anyone! As long as you are a Registered Crew Member and a part of our community. 


What kind of writing can be submitted?
Any kind! As long as it is your own, original work, and it has not been previously published elsewhere. The theme is uplifting, and it is purposefully broad. It's called the Monday Stories Project because of what inspired it, but we really are open to anything; short stories, fiction, non fiction, poetry, comics, photo essays, opinion pieces, something no one has ever seen before and you're not even sure what exactly it is? Great! Sounds perfect, we’ll take that too. 

What if it has been previously published elsewhere?
Is it published on your own website or blog? If so, that is okay. But if it has been published somewhere else you may need to get permission from them before re-republishing with us. 


Are there any restrictions on genre or content?
Sort of. All our members are 18+ so we have no problems with profanity or mature themes, but we don’t publish any content that is explicitly or excessively sexual or violent. 


And we absolutely will not publish anything that is discriminatory, derogatory, or disingenuous, or that in any way infringes on the rights of another person.

We’re interested in publishing progressive work, relatable narratives that connect us, and writing that is a joy to read. We’re not interested in putting any more work out there that is potentially harmful to others. 


What about third party content (like quotes or pictures)?
Unless you made it yourself, please don’t include it. 


We’re also not really interested in work that appropriates or transforms the existing work of others (fanfiction) and there are already many great forums available for that. 


Does everyone who submits to the Monday Story Project get published? 

Yes! As long as it adheres to the Submission Guidelines. Not necessarily right away though, there might be a queue or we might want to go back and forth with you to make a few changes. But we aim to get every piece submitted shared as soon as we can. 


What kind of changes would we make to my story? 

Nothing that changes the content or nature of your work. We just want to help make it better if we can. Our editing team will go through your submission and look for anything you may have missed, and we’ll also include some comments and feedback, and send it back to you for review. But other than necessary formatting changes (ex: spelling and punctuation), any edits made to the final published piece will be entirely up to you. 


Can I make and submit my own cover photo to go along with my story?

Absolutely! We’d love that! Same rules apply though, it has to be something you made yourself and own all the rights to. You can upload it as a separate document right after your story. 


If you don’t want to submit a cover photo, no worries, we’ll create one for you. 

What if I want to submit a comic or image based piece?

No problem! Just give us a shout at and tell us more about your work and file types and we’ll figure out the best way for you to get it to us.

Can I submit a longer piece or more than one piece?
Of course! If you want to submit a longer piece in multiple parts, upload it all in document with clearly defined sections, and we'll publish it all together in order. If you want to submit different pieces, you'll just need to treat them as separate submissions and upload them separately. 

How will I know when my work will be published?
After uploading your document to the Submission Portal, you will get an automatic email right away letting you know we have successfully received it. 


You’ll get a second email from us within approximately 2 weeks of your submission letting you know when you can expect to receive it back with comments and when it will be published.

What if I want to re-publish the work I submit somewhere else later?

Once it is published your work will be a part of the Monday Stories Project and will be kept available to read on our website in the project archive, so if you want to publish it elsewhere later, we just ask that you contact us first and then credit and where possible link back to us as the original publication. 


How does my submission need to be formatted?
Gosh, we are so glad you asked!


  • Between 500 and 3000 words 

  • In an accessible and legible font style and size (example styles: Georgia, Times, Arial etc., example sizes: 10-12pt) 

  • Uploaded as a plain Word Document (max 5MB) 

  • If you are also submitting your own cover image, they should be uploaded as a black and white JPG (max 15MB) please title the image the same as your story

  • Unless there is a specific structural or stylistic choice being made, text should be punctuated and spaced into small paragraphs

  • Work should be reviewed at least once prior to submission (no rough drafts please)

What if I have a question you haven't answered?
If you have any questions about submitting your work to the Monday Stories Project, please contact us directly at and we'll be happy to talk to you about it some more. 

What are the full Terms and Conditions of participating in the Monday Stories Project?

  1. You must be a Registered Crew Member to be a Monday Stories Project Contributor. 

  2. Monday Stories Submissions must be your own original work that has not been previously published in print or on any other website, forum, chat, or social media network. 

  3. Plagiarism or copyright infringement is absolutely not permitted. 

  4. Please do not include any third party content (affiliate links, quotes or images). 

  5. Your Story will be emailed directly to all other Registered Crew Members, published on the Monday Stories Project page for 1 week, and after 1 week, published in the Monday Story Archive. 

  6. Your Story will be promoted on the Pirate Press Publishing Company’s social media networks, but we can not guarantee any particular platform or audience reach. 

  7. Wherever your Story is featured in the Monday Stories Project, you will always be credited as the creator of the work.  

  8. Once your Story has been published, you may not publish it elsewhere, until after the Story has been archived, and not without first consulting with the Pirate Press Publishing Company in writing (via email at and only by agreeing to credit and, where possible, link back to the Monday Stories Project as the original publication. 

  9. You may promote the Story on your own website, blog, or social media networks, but promoting does not mean you post the Story in full on these networks. You may include a link to your Story on the Monday Stories Project webpage and 1 or 2 sentences explaining what it is about. 

  10. You may include a short bio statement (of no more than 75 words) and up to 2 links (either to your website, other work, or social media networks) which will be included at the end of your Story. 

  11. You may publish your Story anonymously, but you will still need to use your full legal name when filling out the Submission Form. 

  12. You may submit your own cover photo to be used with your Story, but you must be the copyright holder of the image, it must not include any persons other than yourselves, or any promotional material for any third parties. If you do not want to submit a cover photo, one will be created for you. 

  13. The Pirate Press Publishing Company reserves the right to edit your photo to align with the Monday Stories Project branding, or, to decide to use a different cover photo. 

  14. If your Story is selected to be a part of the project, the Pirate Press Publishing Company will contact you via email to discuss potential edits and publication dates. If you do not respond to the email we will assume you are no longer interested in participating in the project and we will remove your Story from the queue. 

  15. Monday Stories is a free, collaborative project, we do not pay for any submissions. If you decide to submit a Story, you do so with the knowledge that you shall not be entitled to any compensation. 

  16. The Pirate Press Publishing Company reserves the right to refuse publication, or to remove a previously published Story without prior notice to the Contributor. 

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