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We're Taking A Break!

We've had to pause our adventures here for the foreseeable future,
because sometimes, life happens. 

We hope to be able to return and start a new chapter again one day. 

Please keep an eye on our Instagram for the latest news. 

Thanks friends, we hope you had as much fun as we did.


Monday Stories is the free, all fun, no pressure creative writing sharing project for Registered Crew Members. 


Get a new, original, and uplifting piece of writing emailed to you most Mondays, explore the archives to read more and to meet other mischief makers, or submit your own work to be shared with our creative community.

"He’s only doing it because he loves us”, she’d say, as we watched him fill up the old Rover with tarpaulins and lengths of paracord, “he wants to make sure we’re safe.” Then we’d watch him drive away, off to his secret location, out somewhere in the woods. We couldn’t know where, in case we were compromised.

from 'Doomsday' by Cassie Parkes

Monday Story No. 29

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