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Monday Stories is the free, all fun, no pressure creative writing sharing project for Registered Crew Members. 


Get a new, original, and uplifting piece of writing emailed to you most Mondays, explore the archives to read more and to meet other mischief makers, or submit your own work to be shared with our creative community.

"He’s only doing it because he loves us”, she’d say, as we watched him fill up the old Rover with tarpaulins and lengths of paracord, “he wants to make sure we’re safe.” Then we’d watch him drive away, off to his secret location, out somewhere in the woods. We couldn’t know where, in case we were compromised.

from 'Doomsday' by Cassie Parkes

Monday Story No. 29


Now Accepting Submissions!

Got something to say? We’d love to share it!

For Who?

Whether you are looking for somewhere to publish your first piece or want to workshop something specific, the Monday Stories Project is a great opportunity for independent creatives of all skill levels and backgrounds to share their work with a collaborative community. 

About What?

We think stories should be as diverse as storytellers are. The theme is uplifting, and it is purposefully broad. We really are open to anything; fiction, non fiction, poetry, comics, photo essays, opinion pieces, something no one has ever seen before and you're not even sure what exactly it is? Great! Sounds perfect, we’ll take that too. 

But How?

Your work will be emailed directly to all of our other Registered Crew Members, as well as shared on our social media accounts, and posted to our website for a week for the public to read. Afterwards, it will be preserved in all it’s glory and published in the Monday Story Archives. It will always be your work, you will be featured as the creator, and you will also have the chance to share whatever else you'd like in a short bio section. 

And Why?

The Monday Stories Project is free and always will be. We're trying to create a collaborative community platform for people to share, connect, and support each other's work. So if that sounds like the kind of thing you're into, then we'd like to invite you to join us. 

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Crew Member Registration

Become a Registered Crew Member to join our growing online community and to participate in the Monday Stories Project, the Free Creative Writing Course, as well as to get exclusive access to digital content, tips and tricks from insiders, open call opportunities, and discounted prices on the books and products in our online shop. 

It is free to register and to participate in all the projects. You'll only ever be asked for payment if you choose to purchase something from the bookshop. You can also access and edit your account settings in the Crew Members Area or simply unsubscribe at anytime. And we promise we won't use your personal information for anything else and or give it to anyone else. You can read more in our Privacy Policy and our full Terms of Use, or contact us ( if you have any questions before coming aboard. 

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